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Péter Üveges Musical Instruments
UNIQUE GUITAR COLLECTION Ever since I was a teenager, I have been attracted to making a string instrument so delicate that by the look one would not believe it could sound at all – then how I can make this instrument be a part of another person so that we can respectfully play them like an instrument. I have been keeping an eye on the innovations in the world concerning musical instruments without acoustics and I have been developing my project for three years. For a long time I was afraid to start anything, for my idea was too bizarre and the profession of making musical instruments had strong traditions to perpetuate. While a musician is driven to a new instrument by searching for new sounds, I am fascinated by expressing a given sound with a specific body and form. Click on the image for gallery
BOGÁNYI PIANO The piano is born out of deep love, and humble respect for classical piano tradition. Built upon a lifetime desire to improve upon it with fresh, innovation in sound and design. The focus of the revolutionary piano is on the clearest, boldest, premium quality sound possible. For this we have created a unique composite soundboard, within a traditional, yet modified iron and wood piano frame. Taking piano playing into a beautiful purity. The breathtaking Bogányi piano design is based upon the movements and flows of classical music. With waves, curves and clean lines. Pleasing to the eye as it is to the ear. A feature is the more open design, with only two legs, to allow an additional bottom passage for the sound to reach the audience. Click on the image for gallery