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Péter Üveges
I was born on 14th November 1969 in Budapest. EDUCATION 1989-1993 Hungarian College of Crafts and Design – Industrial design department 1993 Diploma project: Streetlamp system (research, planning, 1:1 model) 1994 Birmingham UCE Industrial Design, Rubik-Foundation scholarship 1994 Experience: IKARUSZ – vehicle-body and planning department 1995-1996 MIF (MOME) Master Degree Course – Industrial design department 1996 Master diploma project Dental equipment (research, planning, 1:1 model) EXPERIENCES AND PRODUCTS 1996-1998 Freelance industrial designer Bicycle rack design and manufacturing (small series) Streetlamp and bench design and manufacturing for the Municipality of Gyöngyös city. Co-designer: Zoltán Bogdán Streetlamp system design and manufacturing (small series) ECG instrument design for Docinfo Kft. Available in Hungary, Germany, Italy, England, Sweden and Australia. 1999-2001 Appaloosa Software Kft. Position: 3D graphic designer (Computer game software development) 2001-2006 Freelance industrial designer City taxi stand and street furniture line design for Mediacontact Kft. (about in 300 place in Budapest) Computer advertising kiosk designs for Tactus Multimédia Stúdió Kft.: 2004 – iWOOD kiosk (lime, cherry, ash); Manufacturer: Celadrion Bt; Available in USA, England (BBC centre), Mexico, Italy (University of Lecce), Hungary (Parliament house, municipalities) 2005 Sanoma kiosk; Internet terminal and object in Sanoma centre. 2006 iWOOD for using on table (wood) Design and manufacturing of box for ignition key and standing consol for the box (wood) for Dávid Kristofek and Molto Harmonico Bt 2006 Antro Solo Car exterior and interior design for the Antro kht. Presented in 2008 in the Transportation Museum in Budapest, exhibited at the Paris Motor Show (co-designers: Zsolt Hegedűs, Miklos Szentkirályi) 2008 autograph pen for the world known pianist Gergely Bogányi 2011 Moveo electric foldable scooter for Moveo Zrt. (co-designers: Zsolt Hegedűs, Dávid Halmos, László Kotán) 2011 Fecsk-e electric scooter (co-designer: Dávid Halmos) 2012 Xbody muscle stimulator 2009-2013 U.P.G. Original music instrument collection 2012-14 Lamborghini tuning: owner and concept: Bader Al Roudhan, projekt manager: Kristofek Dávid, Manufacturer: Szabó Tibor Relax Bt. 2012-14 Legdiagnostic instrument for Ortoprofil Kft 2012-2014 Sandal for women (Bicycle clips concept, modul system) 2013-14 Women bicycle frame for Stringbike: projekt manager: Bényi László, constructional planning: Meshining engineering Kft. 2013-2015 Bogányi Piano for Zengafons Kft. 2014-2016 Moveo electric foldable scooter Teaching, member of the jury, awards: AMI. NYME. UNIVERSITY OF ART AND DESIGN OF WEST-HUNGARY Sopron: Modelmaking and (teaching from february 2010-) 2009 HUNGARIAN DESIGN AWARD (member of the jury) 2010 HUNGARIAN DESIGN AWARD (member of the jury) 2011 HUNGARIAN DESIGN AWARD Antro Solo Eco-car (operating concept car) 2012 HUNGARIAN DESIGN AWARD U.P.G. Original music instrument collection 2015 year of DFA (Dózsa Farkas András) DESIGN AWARD 2016 HUNGARIAN DESIGN SPECIAL AWARD MOVEO electric, foldable scooter